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    Literally just bought this plugin in 10 minutes ago, installed it, and turned on the AdRotate Geo Option and instantly received this error:

    AdRotate has detected one issue that requires your attention:
    ยป AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. This resets at midnight UTC/GMT.

    Not possible.



    When using Geo Targeting a small array with your location data will show up in the Geo settings. Make sure this shows actual (partial) geo data. If something is wrong with the server or lookups an error may show there instead.

    If you’ve recently changed settings, quota’s or geo service you may have to remove the ‘adrotate-geo’ cookie in your browser. The location in the array is stored there.
    Removing the cookie and then reloading any page with Geo Targeted adverts or resaving the settings will generate a new cookie and thus new geo location data.



    Moved to installations and setup – Not a bug.



    yes the Array is there, but, again today I have the same error, and there is no freaking possible way on Earth that I have that many requests. The error showed up as soon as I created new Ad.

    Also the Array is not correct. I am in Thailand, as shown by the IP Address but your Array is saying it’s Seattle Washington, only about 7,000 miles off.

    Cookie or _SESSION: Cookie
    Your IP Address:
    [provider] => AdRotate Geo
    [status] => 200
    [city] => seattle
    [dma] => 819
    [countrycode] => US
    [state] => washington
    [statecode] => wa



    Indeed that address seems to belong in Thailand. However, AdRotate Geo thinks it’s in the US.
    The database GeoLITE from Maxmind is not the most accurate, so that’s probably why.

    I don’t make that database, I just use it. So I Can’t really change that unfortunately ๐Ÿ™

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