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    Patrick Bolli


    I purchased a Duo License. Installed first site. Everything works. Installed second site with same Theme and almost same plugins. Receive error: AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups for today. This resets at midnight UTC/GMT.

    I see this targeting data:
    Your IP Address: XX.XX.XX.XX
    [message] => OK

    tried everything I found in other posts (disable/enable), release license, etc.
    nothing helps. The lookup count is zero but on the first site it works like a champ.

    Have you any idea?


    Patrick Bolli

    Geo on first site still works, but on second site it never did.


    Arnan de Gans

    You’ve probably ran out of lookups then as the notification suggests.


    Patrick Bolli

    in Website one I have more than 29000 Lookups available. In website two there are always 0 lookup left. Always, every day. Even after midnight.
    Is there any kind of detailed error log for Geo API and lookups?


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Patrick, there are no detailed logs. On both ends only simple error messages indicate what’s what.
    You can see the current data and response in Settings > Geo Targeting.
    And overall, you can see the server availability in Settings > Maintenance, somewhere in the middle of the page there is an indicator for updates and geo targeting.

    If you want me to look up the status on my end I’ll need the full domain name.

    You can also email me via the contact form for a quicker response/answer time – And I have a small toolkit that can help with troubleshooting. I can send you the link for it via email as well.

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