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    I have Adrotate Pro on my site (, but every day (from 8:00 PM onwards, aproximately) it says: “AdRotate Geo is no longer working because you have no more lookups”.

    I know Adrotate Geo has 30.000 lookups per day, but my site has about 1.500 page views per day and I am showing at most 4 groups per page with 3 different ads either one. This is 1.500 x 4 x 3 = at most 18.000 loockups.

    Does it work like this?




    Sort of, AdRotate stores the Geo data in a cookie which, by default, is valid for a week. So repeat visitors should not use too much lookups.

    Visitors and bots who do not accept cookies of-course use more lookups.
    Maybe you have a lot of bots and crap visitors not visible in your regular stats on your site – I know I have them on this site 🙁

    Currently (12am GMT+8) your site has plenty of lookups left – found, and has 29584 lookups left for the day.



    For example, today, I don’t understand why at 8:00 PM there were around 28000 lookups left for the day, and just now at 21:35 PM Adrotate Geo is not working because there is no more loockups. It’s impossible…



    Hi Andres, try to use FreeGeoIP for a few days and see if that works better for you.
    If you run into similar problems it may just be true 🙂

    FreegeoIP has a hourly quota though, check their website for details –

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