AdRotate managed Ad is not responsive on my website

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    I have followed several of the threads that are on the subject but I am not able to work well.

    We have this test page:

    On a desktop computer it looks good and we only see the yellow banner. But in the mobiles we see the two: yellow and green ones.

    I can not find this preference

    that is on this page:

    Is this preference?

    The settings for each banner are:
    The yellow banner ONLY for desktop computers is:

    The green ONLY mobile banner is:

    We use this:
    • Plugin version: 4.16
    • We use the theme: uncode Version: 1.0.0
    • And the extension: Elementor Version 2.1.9



    Please, some help.

    Thank you,



    If you don’t have the Mobile Support option you do not have a recent version of AdRotate. But your other screenshots suggest that you do…

    So the option is there 🙂 I just checked on my testsite, it’s there.
    Please check again.

    Enabling it should fix your issue of adverts showing on the wrong device.



    Thank you.
    What happened was that he did not create the group.
    It works now.

    Many thanks,



    Aha 🙂

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