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    Hello, this is a plugin I’m not to familar with but I have been asked if it’s possible to make all adverts using this plugin the same size cross all devices.

    Basing this on the speed boat advert on the Homepage, would you need to create two versions, one for mobile and one for desktop/ larger screens, we can hide and show on the respective devices using Javascipt.

    Or does AdRotate offer something where you can do this? I do not believe we have the PRO version so is this something we can change if we upgrade the plugin?


    Arnan de Gans

    Many devices scale ad resize things on their own. So yes, you can use the same image file/advert size on all devices. But very rarely will they actually show up in the same size.

    It is generally recommended to use a different advert to mobile as they usually show up smaller anyway.

    For example; a header advert on desktop can often be something like 728×90. But in many cases on mobile a 468×60 advert is more suitable for that same spot.

    If you look at the Advert Generator you can create 1 advert with multiple images in various sizes that show the appropriate size for the viewport of the device.

    And AdRotate has a Mobile Adverts option where you create different adverts in different sizes for each device.

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