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    Hi, I’m having some issues with my site getting too slow and my hosting support says it’s because of adrotate_impression overusing resources on the server.

    I’m not really sure what I need to do to fix that or if it’s even possible. Could you please help me or at least point me in the right direction. I’ll include the info I got from my hosting support.

    This is what my hosting support had to say:
    Checking out the server I can see that the load is quite high with the golfsamband being the main cause. It looks to be quite a lot of admin ajax requests being generated by the site with the following areas:

    1290816 /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
    17187 /wp-json/sl-insta/media/feed
    1340 /

    I’ve since enabled ajax monitoring and I can see that the main issue and amount of calls is coming from the adrotate plugin:

    adrotate_impression is the process itself. I would recommend temporarily deactivating this plugin as your site is overusing resources on the server.

    If possible you would need to lower the amount of calls that this plugin is making as it’s having a very negative effect on the server. You could work with the plugin developers for a solution on lowering the amount of calls as at the moment the site is running a risk of being migrated to a temporary server for quarantine while this issue is being worked on.

    as long as the usage is lowered you’ll see the performance increase on your site and it will no longer load as slow.


    Arnan de Gans

    Typical copy and paste nonsense from WP Engine I take it 😉?

    Anyway if your hosting can’t keep up with stats collection, it’s usually due to dynamic groups (which is where admin-ajax is used in AdRotate). Try to use less Dynamic groups.
    Or, if that doesn’t help – Consider getting better hosting or moving stats elsewhere.

    If you’re considering changing webhosts I make some recommendations here –

    You can also track your stats in Matomo or Google Analytics:
    Personally I prefer Matomo over Google, it’s more private and it has a much easier dashboard.



    Thanks a lot for your help and quick answer 🙂

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