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    When we try to create or edit an ad, we get the error “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”
    No email is generated, and no other plugins seem to have any problems. We can create and save a new ad as long as we don’t fill in a schedule or choose a group, but of course we need to do those things to get the ad to run.
    Ads that were put up before the upgrade are still running fine. Has anyone else run into this? We did try disabling and uninstalling, then reinstalling and reenabling, to no effect.



    That’s not an error AdRotate generates. Maybe it’s WordPress’ new site health thing.
    The error should be in the email you receive.

    If there is no email, check your servers error_log file. Usually you can find that in your hosting dashboard somewhere.

    Also make sure you have the latest version of AdRotate installed.
    Version 5.1.3 is the latest version.

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