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    I have setup my ads and widgets in desired sections.

    But they are not showing up except for the blog side bar, right above BUSCAR.

    I’m giving up testing, can you give me some light?


    Arnan de Gans

    Where are they supposed to show up?
    Do you see any errors?
    How did you add the widgets? (Or what kind of widget did you use?)



    I am using the adrotate widget, when located on side bar they are visible as in the URL I sent, but when added on the post body or anywhere else they are not visible. I am adding them in the same way just changing the widget location.


    Arnan de Gans

    I don’t see anything from AdRotate (widgets or adverts) in the sidebar.

    But if it’s all through widgets – Make sure there is no cache hindering things.
    AdRotate has support for Borlabs Cache and W3 Total Cache.
    Check out this manual to see how to set up the plugins for that to work;
    Personally I prefer Borlabs cache ( as it’s much easier to set up.

    Also make sure the adverts are set up properly and work in their preview when editing an advert.

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