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    I went through the upgrade process to get an outdated site from version 3.x to a current version. All my ads show up in the system and as far as I can tell everything looks good, yet on my site nothing shows up anymore. If I inspect where the ads should be it just says “Error, Ad is not available at this time due to schedule/budgeting/geolocation/mobile restrictions!”

    As far as I can tell, the schedule is active, I have no impression limits, geolocation is off, and I have every platform checked so it should be visible. Any ideas on what I should check for?


    Arnan de Gans

    Does it work if you create an all new advert?
    If so, then there is a config issue with the ‘old’ ads.

    Commonly, when upgrading from old versions, there is a setup issue with the device and operating system selection.
    Rarely something in the group prevents ads from showing.
    But the day/hour limiter and sometimes the spread option in schedules need some adjusting or setting up.

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