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    Recently I noticed that some of the posts on my site were displaying ads served by AdRotate on posts even though the custom post templates don’t include the shortcode for the vertical AdRotate group and they are displaying in the main page content area instead of the right sidebar where it should be displaying on the custom post templates that do support the vertical ad group shortcode which is causing the content layout to be blown out.

    For example, this post is using a template called Post with Feature, No Side Ad but you will notice the vertical banner ad displaying and in the main content area (not the sidebar) pushing the member-only content further down the page even though the template is set up not to display the vertical ad group at all.

    On this page it is using a Template called No Feature, No Side Bar and again the vertical ad group is displaying in the main page content area.

    And we’ve made no recent changes to our custom post templates.

    I am planning on having my developer look into this, but figure it would make sense to reach out to your first to see if this is something you can fix or provide insight into what we should look for to address this issue. TY


    Arnan de Gans

    Sounds like either someone put a shortcode in there without you knowing. Or Post Injection is set up for that category.



    Hey Aman,
    It looks like someone on my team had added a few categories to the post injection option, so I just removed them and that fixed the issue! Thank you for your fast response and solution!

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