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    Hello, I have tried everything Ive seen in past posts (clearing cache, setting size, etc) but seem to have the same issue as others of banner ads stacking on top of one another so you see sometime 1.5 or 2 ads, and the ads, banner or square, will not rotate through. It works perfectly in Google Chrome just not Safari.

    Apologies if this site loads slowing, bluehost is working through a server issue right now: https

    Theme: Hello
    Page Builder: Elementor

    Appreciate any help!


    Arnan de Gans

    Sounds like a browser caching issue. Especially since it seems to work in some browsers, and not in others. This indicates that the advert/group in itself works fine.

    Clearing the browser cache should clear that up.

    If that does not help, make sure you have no plugins in the browser that hinder things.
    Could be an adblocker or some other content altering plugin.

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