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    Two things going on that are less than satisfactory since I upgraded AdRotate Pro to v5.

    The most obvious thing is that many of the ads (placed in widgets) do not display. If you go to my site and refresh a few times you’ll notice that the upper tier ads in the R column do not consistently load. On one refresh, all might show, in the next, one of them will be missing. It’s like it missed the link. Refresh again, and the blank ad shifts, or all show, or none. (

    The BIGGER problem is that I have a group of ads that displays at the bottom of most of my posts that is now showing NOTHING. These are ads that are imported from Avantlink. When I look at one of the individual ads in this group of ads, NONE of them show up in preview – or thus – on the page. This is potentially a significant source of ad income that is missing. The ad code is javascript.

    Not sure what to do here and I don’t want to be a coder. Help!!?!



    Hi Dostie, There is no AdRotate v5 – The current version is 4.12.

    Adverts not showing is usually down to a widget not being compatible or adblockers.
    Sometimes caching. Try clearing the cache first if you use a caching plugin.

    Disabling adblockers may help too –

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