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    Hi Arnan,

    I have a couple of simple sidebar ad units set up but it appears the ads in the groups do not rotate equally.
    My top sidebar group has just two ads at present rotating. Both set at default 6 weight. I can visit site and click repeatedly on different pages and it appears – for instance – ad “A” will display every time. I can refresh the pages like six or seven times and will only see ad “A”. More clicking and eventually ad “B’ will display.
    What is happening here? Not good when you have an advertiser trying to check the display of their ad and they get a bad “streak” of not their ad showing up.
    Using AdRotate and latest wordpress.

    Thanks Brian



    Do the ads in groups never display alternately?


    Arnan de Gans

    If you’ve placed a group on a page the advert to show in it is picked randomly.
    If you have only 2 adverts on the group there is then a 50% chance (not accounting for any advert features you use) that the same advert is picked a bunch of times in a row.

    The test you did with reloading the page is not representative for how everyone sees the adverts.
    Yes they can see the same advert over and over, but if you look at the stats you’ll see that both adverts will get impressions.

    You can alleviate this a bit with the Impression Spread feature in the schedule.
    Or if you want one advert to be shown more than the other, change the weight for that advert.

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