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    Whenever I add ad groups they seem to jump a bit up or down from their original location after each page refresh, is this an error within the plugin or my own page’s fault? Sorry, hope that doesn’t sound confusing.


    Arnan de Gans

    How do you place the adverts on your site?
    Post Injection? Widget? Shortcode?

    Did you set the right size in your group?



    Only the shortcode like: [adrotate group=”2″]
    On the main page of my website if that helps with anything:

    The size seems to be all good.


    Arnan de Gans

    Sorry for the late reply – Notifications seems screwed up again… 🙄

    Anyway, if you’re still having this. This can sometimes happen if you use a Dynamic group and set the wrong or no size for that group. The javascript then doesn’t know how to place adverts.
    Try setting a correct size for the adverts in the group settings.

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