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    Malia Hollowell

    Hi, we have ads not showing consistently but it’s only a fraction of our ads. These are the steps to replicate:

    Open this post and you should see three ads (near the top, middle, and bottom):

    Refresh the page and they will likely all disappear. Inspecting the page, I see one of two errors:
    <!– Either there are no banners, they are disabled or none qualified for this location! –>
    <!– Error, Ad (n/a) is not available at this time due to schedule/budgeting/geolocation/mobile restrictions! –>

    I have triple checked the settings in the groups and the ads (and even re-created them from scratch) and the issue still exists. Interestingly, I set one of our ad groups as a fall back on the bottom ad and it consistently shows up when the other ads fail, even though it has the same settings as the broken groups. So if it was truly a schedule/budgeting/geolocation/mobile issue, this ad shouldn’t be showing either.

    All of our posts in other groups don’t have this issue. You can refresh the pages constantly and the ads never disappear like they are here.

    Any thoughts on what is happening with this specific group and how we can fix it? Is there something on the page that could be causing it? Thanks!


    Arnan de Gans

    I don’t see any trace of adverts on that page. Either adverts or their errors.
    Where are they supposed to show up?

    I noticed you have caching installed, did you configure that to work with AdRotate?

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