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    I am a freelancer webdev and my customer has 4 ads on the front page and they all show very varying amounts of impressions. These where the stats this morning:

    • 14
    • 124
    • 124
    • 992>

    According to google we’ve had 13 visitors by that time (I did check analytics slightly later so this number might be off) so most likely the top one is showing the right amount and the three bottom ones somehow get their numbers inflated. Just reloading the adrotate admin page after some time has passed shows huge growth for the offenders but when I enter the page normally only 1 impression is added to each.

    I’m reaching out to you to see if you have any ideas on where to start the troubleshoot because I don’t want to charge my client while I fumble aimlessly.

    AdRotate Pro v4.18.1
    Wordpress 5.0.3
    Single site installation
    I haven’t found trace of caching plugins, but I didn’t build this site


    Arnan de Gans

    Pageviews and advert impressions are not the same thing and should not be directly compared.
    Ofcourse similar trends in numbers can be observed. More page views would logically lead to more impressions, so a upward trend for both should happen at the same time.

    Google Analytics, as far as I know, counts a gross number where-as AdRotate goes for a semi-unique number of impressions.
    There are some other differences too, most notable if someone browses your site and visits 4 pages that counts towards 4 pageviews but not necessarily 4 impressions.

    The huge difference for it I can’t explain and just 4 numbers with the claim they’re wrong doesn’t mean much either. Google doesn’t count bots, AdRotate might.
    You can check and change the bot filter in settings. Also it’s useful to check the impression counter in Settings > stats to see if that’s set up.

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