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    I have ads showing in the Ad Manager with configuration errors, but when I click through to edit an individual ad there’s no indication where the error is, and going through every setting I can’t seem to find the problem. There are 11 ads giving trouble… 5 of which are client ads so I need to get them sorted ASAP. I can’t find what’s causing the problem with any of them.

    I’ve tried going to settings>maintenance and Re-Evaluate All Ads — but that doesn’t have any effect.

    Any ideas?


    Arnan de Gans

    If there is no clear cause for the error it may just be a dumb cache.
    You can re-check all adverts from Settings > maintenance by clicking “re-evaluate all adverts”.

    If that doesn’t fix things, something really is wrong with the adverts. But it should specify what that is when you edit the advert. Every fault AdRotate can find also has an explanation…



    Thanks Arnan, I tried “Re-Evaluate All Adverts” before posting here. I’ll try turning off/clearing all cacheing (WordPress and Server) and will Re-evaluate again. I’ll also check the ads again.

    It’s an odd one. Worst case scenario, I can just create new ads with the same creative and delete the broken ones.



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