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    Hi I’m trying to identify and solve an issue that has come to light, our pageviews are not reflecting Adsense statistics, almost 50% less monitored in Adsense.

    We have Adsense in our posts which are implemented by using Adrotate’s adverts and are hosting at Kinsta and we use their cache system. I know that Adsense is loaded with Ajax and should therefore bypass cache but could there be a chance that since the Adsense code is embedded in the Adrotate code somehow this doesn’t work?

    If you have any idea that can help us solving this issue it would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time!



    While advert impressions may follow similar trends are pageviews and should match up somewhat. They’re different stats and should not be compared.

    One advert can be on many pages, generating a bunch of views. While there are only a few pages in comparison. Adblockers may influence advert impressions. Caching is a factor (much less with adsense, but still).

    As such, yes, the numbers won’t match.



    I wasn’t totally clear about the issue, I’m not comparing statistics from adrotate with pageviews.
    Our pageviews are not aligning with adsense income and views and my question was if, because the adsense code is in an advert our cache might interfere with adsense and that if we hardcode the adsense code in the post.php this would maybe not happen. Thanks for your opinion



    Adsense code is not the actual advert. The code you use makes a call to the adsense servers to send an advert on pageload.

    This works well and is, as far as I know, compatible with caching just fine.

    If your income doesn’t match advert impressions you should probably talk to your adsense manager 🙂 They can probably explain where the discrepancy (if any) comes from – There are many rules and cave-ats that may cause adverts to show but not generate money.

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