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    I had an ad that’s stats were unchecked/disabled (Enable click and impression tracking for this advert)for a period of time. During that time, the ad was still recording impressions ( 5-10 ) / day. I was wondering how the ad was still producing stats when the setting was off?




    Some older versions of AdRotate Pro always counted impressions even if stats were off.
    This has changed recently and now it only counts impressions and clicks if it’s explicitly enabled.


    Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know which version the fix was released in? I’m not sure it was recording all stats while it was disabled. When stat recording was off, it was recording 1-15 impressions per day. Once we enabled stats it shot up to a few hundred per day. Would that be the behavior you expect?


    Version 5.8.8 changed the behavior.
    Counting should be the same. The actual stats code hasn’t changed.

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