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    Hi Arnan,

    we have a problem with our AdRotate installation.

    The problem concerns two ads using the same schedule, when they should not.

    Should be:
    Ad A – 01.04.2017 – 30.04.2017
    Ad B – 01.04.2017 – 31.10.2017

    But is displayed as:
    Ad A – 01.04.2017 – 30.04.2017
    Ad B – 01.04.2017 – 30.04.2017

    Saving either ad saves to the schedule, which is referenced by both Ads

    Although I was able to fix it by inserting a schedule for Ad B in _adrotate_schedule and referencing that schedule in _adrotate_linkmeta it would be nice to know why this is happening and if we can do something to avoid it in the future. Both banners where added independent of each other.

    Thanks in advance



    Forgot to add the versions, but the problem has been there for a while anyway.

    Plugin Version 4.0
    WP Version 4.7.3
    no multisite


    Arnan de Gans

    Start with updating to a newer version. The latest version is 4.5.1.
    It’s likely that your problem goes away with the newer version.

    Upgrade instruction:
    To activate licenses you need version 3.12 or newer.



    thanks, I will report if the error occurs again

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