Any idea why code from our ad rotator is showing in FB shares?

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    why code from our ad rotator is showing in FB shares ??
    Please do needful.

    Website URL:





    No idea, Ad Rotator is not my plugin 😉
    But if you use AdRotate – It’s not, the plugin you use to share your posts is.
    Maybe you can disable the parsing or shortcodes for sharing. Otherwise, talk to the dev of that plugin for a fix.



    Hi Arnan,

    Is there an email to reach out to the developer of the Ad rotate plugin??




    I keep going in circles trying to resolve issues with adrotate pro but purchasing it from you, using your forum, then saying you’re not plugin developer – so I don’t know how to resolve issues.

    When I share posts from my blog via url or the sumome share button, it’s showing Adrotate code “echo adrotate_group(10,0,0,0);

    sharing from sumome share button

    Sharing from url

    I’ve tried Facebook debugging for this url and it’s showing the og: description picking up this code.

    FB debugger tool

    I use facebook open graph tool that another developer hardcoded from a plugin and if the description is blank it usually picks up the first paragraph of the post…

    Facebook open graph plugin

    Please advise.



    But you’re not going in circles – Or shouldn’t 🙂
    AdRotate outputs that code. Either via Shortcode or PHP snippet.

    If the plugin you use to share the posts to Facebook does not exclude that code (usually shortcodes) that’s a problem with that sharing plugin. Nothing I can do about that.

    So if they have no clue, or won’t help. Find another sharing plugin. Jetpacks sharing module works fine for example.

    The code outputted is related to Caching, setting up caching properly may help too, but then it logically would include a working advert instead of the code that should show the advert. So the problem then (again) is with the sharing plugin for not excluding it.

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