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    If anyone else is trying to figure out why the plugin admin is about 1/8 of the screen instead of full width and functional, make sure you click ‘done’ in the birthday dialog box (if you are able to see the full text).

    Is this an annual request for donations from paid customers?



    On one of our sites, I don’t even have the option to dismiss the announcement, I just am left with the results of the broken layout in the dashboard.


    Arnan de Gans

    Installing AdRotate Pro 5.8.11 or AdRotate 5.8.15 fixes the issue.



    Is there a link to the best way to manually force an update? Once again I have an outdated version (5.8.9) and no option to update from within WP:


    Arnan de Gans

    Maybe you should look into your update procedure… The update server works reliably for hundreds of people these days.

    If you look at Settings > Maintenance, there is an update status indicator.
    It should say a date followed by 200 OK if your server can reach mine. If there is something wrong, a different number will appear and the text will be red.



    I could use the same logic to point out I have worked with hundreds of sites and dozens of very reliable plugins that update flawlessly.

    That doesn’t put me any closer to a solution however, so let’s focus on the task at hand please.

    I see a 200 OK response


    Arnan de Gans

    Do you have plugins/scripts that manage updates or some settings/thingy that influences/changes updates?



    No, I haven’t set anything up out of the ordinary on the WP install, and none of the other plugins are affected by anything in the environment as far as updates.

    It’s a standard install with the following plugins:

    Admin Columns Pro
    Admin Columns Pro – Pods
    Admin Menu Editor Pro
    AdRotate Professional
    All 404 Redirect to Homepage
    Backup and Staging by WP Time Capsule
    BBQ Firewall
    Beaver Builder Plugin (Agency Version)
    Beaver Themer
    Blackhole for Bad Bots
    Central Color Palette
    Code Snippets
    Dashboard Welcome for Beaver Builder
    Dashboard Widgets Suite
    Defender Pro
    GAinWP Google Analytics Integration for WordPress
    GeneratePress Connect for Beaver Themer
    GP Premium
    Jetpack by
    LoginPress – Customizing the WordPress Login
    LoginPress Pro
    LW MWP Tools
    ManageWP – Worker
    Nginx Helper
    Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields
    Pods Beaver Themer Add-On
    Server IP & Memory Usage Display
    Simple CSS
    Simple History
    Smush Pro
    Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
    User Switching
    WordPress Toolbar Editor
    WP Mail SMTP
    WPMU DEV Dashboard
    Yoast Duplicate Post

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