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    Hello, we want to use DFP to serve banner ads from other ad networks. Injecting the tag directly into adrotate from the other ad nets works ok, but we lack reporting from your app. So we opted to serve all ads through DFP.
    Which one of the two ad tags should be entered in ad rotate pro? The initialization tag or the ad unit tag?
    Its not clear to us, and btw all of our initialization tags are different, so is not like i could just inject one in the <head> and forget about it.

    please let us know asap. Thanks.



    I’m not familiar with either of those terms, but if it looks similar to an image advert or adsense advert, that’s what you use – usually.

    Otherwise, email me the tags so I can take a more close look for a better advise.




    Here in case you need the text…



    It previews fine in DFP, but we dont know which code to paste in adRotate Pro that will serve the ad…



    The head bit goes in your sites header as described.
    You can edit your themes header.php for that or use a function in your functions.php

    The body bit goes in AdRotate as the adcode.

    If it’s just the one advert you can try sticking both in the Adcode. Often that also works – Unless Google insists on it being in the header for their crawler or something similar. Google Crawlers like that only read the head tag.




    Header code inserted. I can see it in the page source.
    Ad Code inserted in AdRotate as instructed.

    Unfortunately, ads are not loading. Please advise.



    Does it show/output anything at all? AdRotate code if you look at the source for example. Perhaps an error or notification instead of the advert?

    Often if an advert doesn’t work there is a HTML comment outputted instead with a error.
    Also make sure your cache is not hindering things and that you don’t have an ad blocker active.

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