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    Thomas Dubbis


    Adrotate offers the option to organize banners in folders. If I create folders and upload banners there, they are displayed to me. However, when creating new ads, I can apparently only display the graphics from the / banners / folder – the subfolder is not offered for selection there.
    How can I go about organizing the banners according to the customers?



    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Thomas, AdRotate Pro looks 2 layers deep and only lists common images and html files to select when creating the advert (this is of-course to keep things manageable.
    If you don’t see subfolders, make sure you have a recent version of AdRotate Pro installed.


    Thomas Dubbis

    Hi Arnand,

    i have the latest version of adrotate pro – 5.8.15 installed. The subfolder pkkultur and under it -abos_events_news_mobil.png can also be seen in the media manager.
    When creating the ad “New ad”, this subfolder and the banner it contains cannot be found in the drop-down list. Or do I have to replace %asset% with “banners/pkkultur/abos_events_news_mobil.png?”

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