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    I’ve a PRO license with the AdRotate PRO.
    I’ve to load some different HTML5 banners, each of them have the same structure:
    Banner A folder
    – CSS Folder
    – Fonts folder
    – JS folder
    I do not understand how they must be uploaded in the banner folder, ’cause
    If I upload the folder as is, it does not appear on the asset menu…
    If I upload the file renaming each index.html with banner-a.html the folders can be overwritten…
    Help me god! It drives me mad!



    There are 2 ways, both take a little doing but are not that hard –

    Often what you can do is stick everything in a folder and name the folder something recognizable like “ford-campaign-2018” (or whatever applies, try to avoid spaces in names). Then upload that folder to the banners folder of AdRotate Pro.
    You can then select the index.html file in the dropdown menu and use that in the iframe example (next to the adcode field).
    That should work.

    Another way is rebuild the advert – I have a service for that:
    Basically it involves editing some files, re-arranging the folders to something more neat. You need HTML knowledge and basic understanding of how html5 adverts work but it’s not all that hard.



    Thank you for your kind reply
    1) it should be the right solution but it does not work. The dropdown menu does not reach the index.html inside folders 🙁
    2) again… I edit the files changing paths (now I have an external bannerA.html file and bannerA folder). It works but… when I add the “iFrame” code with %%asset%% and save, it crashes with “error 403 permission denied”



    1. The dropdown should look 1 level deep into folders. If it doesn’t, make sure your AdRotate Pro version is the latest.

    2. Looks like the files you uploaded (via (s)FTP) are not accessible by your website then. This happens sometimes on servers where the FTP user is different from the website user (the app that runs the webserver). Often setting the folder and file permissions to something like 0755 (0644 for files) should be fine. But it’s better to match the owner and group to whatever your webserver uses, too. Your hosting provider can tell you more about what the best setting is for this.

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