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    Hey guys, I am not sure why my banners aren’t showing, but ever since I started upgrading my site to AMP (using the WP Plugin AMP), I just can’t seem to get them to show. Any help would be much appreciated:

    WP Version: 5.6
    AdRotate Version: Version 5.8.13

    Tested in Chrome + Firefox, no banners in either browser.

    There are numerous banners set to run through 2030, and nothing has changed in my AdRotate settings to cause the banners to stop showing.

    I also just disabled ALL plugins (except AdRotate) and banners still don’t show up, so it’s not a plugin conflict.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    AMP has a bunch of limitations for javascript.
    If your adverts are made with javascript or loaded that way (for example with a group in Dynamic mode) that may affect the setup.

    Overall, AMP does not affect ‘normal’ adverts as far as I know.
    For example, post injection and widgets work fine last I tested it.

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