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Trouble updating AdRotate Professional to the latest version?

If your license is not expired and you are having trouble with updates for AdRotate Professional I want to hear from you!
Known issues; The update will not install or no update is visible in your dashboard.
Affected versions; Most versions of AdRotate Professional since December 2019.

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    I have an ad group 4 ads set up to publish and rotate. And while all 4 ads appear to rotate in sequence, every so often a blank “ad” space shows up. I have cleared browser cache at every step: cleared and even disabled W3 Total Cache; Optimized Database, Cleaned Database, Re-evaluate all ads, reset background tasks, and ran the updater; but still problem persists.

    It seems as though this problem began occurring after installing the latest update. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I use the shortcode or widget, still continues to happen. According to the general debugger and all other admin indications; there are only 4 ads that are to be displayed.

    Weirder still, the problem only occurs on the rotating ad group nearest the top of the page. The only way I am able to “fix” the issue is to create a group of ads to be displayed near the top of the page and then “display: none” in CSS for the widget. When I do that, it corrects all other rotating ad groups. But that isn’t really a proper fix.

    To see the issue, visit (on the right hand column on computer/ below page on mobile):

    Please help!


    – Alex

    WP version 4.7.3
    Ad Rotate version 4.1
    Is NOT WordPress a multisite/networked installation


    Arnan de Gans

    Does the advert also not work/show in the preview in your dashboard?



    Thanks for responding Arnan!

    I don’t see a preview of the active ads / ad group on either the dashboard or AdRotate dashboards. However, if you’re referring to the list of ads that are either active or disabled, I have 4 active and many disabled. None of the 4 active are blank and all show on the public side of the site.


    – Alex


    Arnan de Gans

    Try disabling your adblocker.

    Every advert has a preview when you edit them. If there is no preview and adblocker is off, something is wrong with your adcode or the advert itself.

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