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    Urgent: Hello, when I want to add an image the addition form is placed at the bottom of the page as on the attached screenshot. What is the solution ? A bug in your Valentine’s Day offer?


    <img src="http://Users/emmanuel/Desktop/Screenshot_2021-02-12 AdRotate Pro · Gérer Annonces ‹ Robertsau eu — WordPress.png/" alt="screenshot" />


    Make sure you have the latest version of AdRotate Pro installed (5.8.11). This fixes any visual issues with the notification banners.


    Version 5.8.11, there is always bug !


    What are you having trouble with? What bug?
    Did you clear your browser cache?


    when I click on the button to choose the image of my ad, the addition form is placed at the bottom of the page. And Could not load image … I can send you a video screenshot if you have an email address …


    Sounds like a missing html tag somewhere.
    I’ve just tried the upload button on my test site, which seems to work fine.

    Perhaps another plugin is causing some kind of conflict.

    If you have dropbox (or something similar) you can upload the screenshot there and share the public link here.


    You can see the bug at this adresse :



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