Can I setup random banner displaying across a set of groups

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    I am currently using the free version (great, app I’ve had no problems). I need to setup the following system.

    I have 10 add groups, and 10 advertisers, I want to have the banners randomly display across the 10 groups with every page click.

    How can I use the the program to set this up?

    Here’ my site

    Thank you!


    Arnan de Gans

    Create your 10 groups and spread banners over those groups. Groups per advertiser is never a good idea. Instead, think of groups as locations.



    Sorry I did a bad job of explaining what I need.

    Is there a way I can have the banners rotate randomly across the 10 groups? So the adds change spots on the page.



    Arnan de Gans

    Groups output is always randomized. But groups do not talk to each other.
    So yes, they will be randomly shown on each group. But if you put the same adverts in multiple groups that are on the same page then they may show up twice also.

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