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    The automatic Update don’t work anymore.
    In backend I get the notice “there is no automatic update for this plugin is not available”. In my Account i find the active Licence from december 2019, but in my downloads on your site “No downloads available yet.”
    How can I update?



    I just went through this yesterday (I am a customer, not support).

    I had to follow the manual install on this page at the bottom

    Only extra twist is after done I had two Ad Rotate Pros in my plugin list. I could see the old versus new versions. SImply deleted the old and all of my ads/data was still there.



    Thank You for Tip. But I think it is better I try manually, because my old version is disabled, because of massive problems. The version 5.2. is slowing my complete backend so awful, not possible to work with it.
    I think I only need a downloadlink because in my portfolio I miss any donwloads …


    Arnan de Gans

    As @skyzlmt suggested, try updating manually following the guide –

    Versions 5.2.x have an issue with updates. Not that it doesn’t work, but it makes so many requests to my server that it slows things down, causing all kinds of weirdness.
    WordPress seems to have changed how the filter for update checks works creating a bit of a mess…
    This has been fixed in version 5.7.



    Hi Arnan, this is what I did try after problems… unfortunately in my account THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD file for the plugin 🙁
    in my download folder I only get the message: “No downloads available yet.”
    But I can see the license…
    It is a littler bit frustrating. So much trouble with my website and trying to solve for days 🙁



    3 Days later.
    nothing? I only need a link to download the version I need!
    The other way is, because of the the php problems it is not possible to activate the old version anymore in latest wordpress …

    After changing to standard version the widgets are lost and I have to create new.
    But there is another big problem: the loaded ads I see in Backend as broken. Even O load agen over mediathek … allways broken image … No I am for day without ads and no Idea what I can do …



    Maybe the broken ads are not because of the update and another problem. but the unavailable update is really bad for a pro plugin. and the slowing down the website is a fact. i like your way of living – but if you sell pro versions you have to find a solution solving problems like this faster then 3 days i think.

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