Cannot add any AD

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    Hi since the last update (free 3.18) i cannot add any new ad (I can edit existing ones)
    There is an error message in front of review > Error, no Ad ID set! Check your syntax!
    Besides it seems that the new AD can’t have a new ID : [adrotate banner=””] <?php echo adrotate_ad(); ?>
    – I’ve clicked the finnish button
    – I’ve clicked all maintenance buttons
    (I’m noob and don’t know where the logs are)




    Sounds like a database error of some kind.
    Check your servers error_log file – Usually thats in your hosting dashboard somewhere.

    Anything mentioning AdRotate is interesting.


    I am having exactly the same problem with Adrotate that I have been using for several years – but now getting “Error, no Ad ID set! Check your syntax!” when I try to add new ad



    So after some investigations I have an answer:
    Ichecked my database with a clean one and some tables weren’t updated between versions.
    I my case they were in order :
    In the Ad rotate table
    9 Paid
    14 OS-IOS
    15 OS-Android
    16 OS-Other

    In the Ad rotate schedule
    rename hoursimpressions instead of daysimpressions

    Maybe you should add an update database button for case like this or at least a check for tables.


    This is also happening with two other of my wordpress sites!!




    Then click the big “finish update” button when prompted to.
    If it doesn’t show disable your adblocker –



    If you are on a hosted site check if you still have all privileges on your databases.
    Due to a migrations ours were changed to a simple role wich prevented any table to be created or modified.



    Your big green button doesn’t appear if already clicked so if there is an error during the update there is no way to correct it after finishing the install.



    If the update fails to run you can retry from AdRotate Settings > Maintenance.



    Doesn’t work.



    Please check your servers error_log file for errors. Anything mentioning AdRotate is interesting.



    Meh. I’m leaving this thread good luck to all the other people with this error.


    Thank you, pressing the big green ‘finish update’ button sorted the problem for me
    Now Adrotate is again working fine for me


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