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    Yikes. Sounds messy.

    I don’t speak server all that well, but I’m assuming this issue can’t be fixed with an uninstall/reinstall of the plugin? If not, what does “starting over with a new database” entail?

    If neither of these options are effective/doable for a noob like me, I may just take you up on your services.

    Any idea how this issue got so messy to begin with?


    Arnan de Gans

    Basically reinstalling with the latest version. This deletes all data, including the broken database. Then installing a new copy should give you a working and up-to-date database. Keep in mind that in doing so your current adverts, stats and related settings will be lost.

    I don’t know how the issue started, but looking at the errors you posted so far I think it’s because of the open file limitation, several of the errors mentioned it could not open the database files. But as I said, several of these fields have been added years ago. So, unless the files issue has been going on for some years… no idea.



    Ok, I’ll give it a whirl. Thanks.

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