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    I can’t seem to get the geo-targeting to work at all. I’ve got plenty of lookups, so that’s not the issue.

    I’m trying to show one ad in NSW (state of Australia) and a different ad in Victoria (state of Australia).

    The ipstack suggests NSW would be either “New South Wales” or “NSW”. I’ve tried using both but neither work. See the debug below.

    If put “NSW” in for instance, it gets changed to lowercase and then prevents the ad from showing, despite the fact I’m in this state.

    Cookie or _SESSION: Cookie
    Geo Provider: ipstack (Code: 200)
    Visitor City and State: sydney (DMA: ), New South Wales (ISO: NSW)
    Advert Cities/States (1): Array
    [0] => nsw
    Visitor Country: AU
    Advert Countries (0): Array

    Am I missing something simple?


    Arnan de Gans

    Lower or uppercase doesn’t matter for AdRotate.
    More likely is the older version you use. AdRotate hasn’t had any debug options for a while now.
    So you’re not using the latest version.

    Newer versions have had a bunch of improvements, including to how Geo Targeting works.

    The latest version is 5.8.13.
    It’s likely that your problem goes away with the newer version.

    Upgrade instruction:



    OK, I’ve updated the plugin and you are right, it does now work.

    But I have a new problem!

    Is it possible to show one ad for the whole world and only a single state for Australia, while another add will show in a different state of Australia.

    For instance:

    First Ad
    NSW and all countries ticked

    Second Ad

    This works for the states but excludes the other countries (I guess because they don’t return the state?)


    Arnan de Gans

    Hi Matt, Currently, and since forever, if the first thing that doesn’t match, has the advert dropped from the list. In your situation this means it can never match a country, because the state didn’t match.

    This will be addressed in a near future update.

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