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    I have some presale questions/bugs I hope someone can help me with before I purchase the Pro version.

    I can’t figure out how to get a group with more than one ads to rotate without reloading the page. The settings in my group are planned to rotate after 15 sec. but it doesn’t rotate, only if I refresh the page.
    I read in the manual that I have to use some specific settings if I have W3 Total Cache activated (that I have). I did the settings and also flushed the cache many times, also tried deactivated W3 Total Cache, but none of it worked.

    Also very simple gif and jpg ads doesn’t open up in a new tab after click. I have added target blank in the html but it still doesn’t open up in a new tab. Think this also could be a cache problem.

    I really hope someone can help. I finally found the perfect advertising plugin after spending lots of money on other plugins that doesn’t work.

    Best regards,



    Hi again,

    I found out by myself getting ads to rotate. I forgot to choose “Dynamic – Show a different ad every few second” under Mode in the group.

    I also purchased the Pro version so I will instead ask the support for help with my taget blank problem.



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