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    I would like to re-set an advert’s statistics but I can’t, the plug-in doesn’t put the numbers back to zero. I use the “Bulk Actions” in the ad overview, and even if I try to re-set just one, it just keeps the old numbers of the statistics. I use AdRotate integrated click tracker for stats, not an external 3rd party like Google Analytics.

    I run WP 5.5.3 and AdRotate 5.8.13. The “Internal Versions” read version 399 and Database version 66.

    What could be causing the issue?


    I quickly tested the reset on my test site. It seems to work fine through the bulk actions.
    Make sure you have an advert selected of-course 😉

    If you have and stats truly aren’t resetting, then please check your servers error_log file for errors.
    The error_log file can usually be found in your hosting dashboard.
    Anything mentioning AdRotate is interesting.


    Hi Arnan, thank you so much for your response. Yes certainly I have checked the ads that I wish to re-set. I have also checked Google Chrome Console for any errors. Nothing shows anything strange but I simply cannot re-set those stats. The server error log also doesn’t show anything current.

    Could I do it somewhere in the db? I am happy to work within phpMyAdmin, if I can get this task accomplished. The interface way is just not working for me and my site.


    First we have to determine something does go wrong in the database – Or it not, why the dashboard option doesn’t work for you.

    If there is an error, it should be visible in the servers error_log file.
    You can often find this in your hosting dashboard somewhere.


    Hey Arnan, I really appreciate your time here. There is nothing showing in the server error logs. I have checked them. I have disabled other plug-ins to determine a conflict, and nothing works to get the stats to re-set, they simply don’t re-set for me. Is there ANYTHING else I can check or do?


    There really isn’t much that can go wrong… Either it works, or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t there should be a error – Possibly in the database, or in a script somewhere. Both are logged in the error_log file though.

    What do the stats look like for the advert in “Manage Adverts”?
    Does it show a number or …’s?

    Also you can do maintenance on the database from Settings > Maintenance.
    Cleaning up the database for example may help.

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