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    I’ve followed the instructions for installing Google Tag Manager for ad tracking and stats, but I can’t tell if it’s working or not.

    At the end of this post, it says that I should be able to go to Google Analytics right and check to see if it’s working, but I don’t see any of the ad views or clicks being picked up.

    I followed the installation instructions very closely, so I think everything is set up according to the directions.



    If you look at their real-time dashboard while browsing some pages with ads on them and nothing shows up. Tracking probably doesn’t work.
    Tag manager is kind of hard and frustrating to set up… Thanks Google 🙄

    But if done right it’ll work.

    Do regular pageviews and such show up in Google Analytics? If not, there is something wrong with the google code/tracker.

    If you look at your page source/inspector make sure there is no javascript error related to Tag manager there.
    Also make sure that there are no javascript errors, these may halt other scripts.


    Awesome, I think I got it! The container in Google Tag Manager wasn’t published.

    Thanks for your help. Your suggestions led me in the right direction!


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