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    Hi there,

    Is there a way to customise the ‘surcharge’ label in the checkout – using WooCommerce Stripe Surcharge plugin.



    There is no dashboard setting for it, but you can rephrase things using the Translation/POT file in the language folder.


    Hi Arnan,

    Thanks for coming back to me. I have tried updating the .pot file but nothing is reflected on the website. I notice that the language strings are referring to the paypal file, this is the string that I am trying to update.

    #: woocommerce-paypal-surcharge.php:100
    msgid "Surcharge"
    msgstr ""

    I have changed the filename to woocommerce-stripe-surcharge.php, the php line to 101 and updated the
    string, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    #: woocommerce-stripe-surcharge.php:101
    msgid "Processing  fee"
    msgstr ""

    Are you able to elaborate on how I can achieve this?

    Thank you in advance.


    A pot file is a source/base file for creating a translation. You’ll also see a file with nl_NL in the name, that’s the dutch translation.

    With a program like Poedit you can open and start a new translation. The translated phrases are of your choosing. So you can ‘cheat’ a little by rephrasing things to your liking in a english to english translation.


    Hi Arnan,

    Thanks for that. I couldn’t get it working though, even using the Loco Translate plugin.



    Hmm, maybe I’ll add a option to change the string in a future version.


    That would be awesome!


    In the next version, almost ready, the label for ‘Surcharge’ will be configurable.
    Keep an eye out for that this or next week.


    Joe Mahony

    Hi. I’m using the new version and setting the label as “Surcharge”, but the label in the checkout is whatever number I’m using for the percentage. E.g. I chose 3% as the surcharge amount and the checkout label says 3 instead of what I put in the label field.

    I’m using Stripe Credit Card payment.


    Hi Joe, it looks like the amount is used as the label.
    I’ll update it later today. Thanks for your report 🥳

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