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    Hi guys, I know this subject has been debated, but the topic was closed so I could not place my questions there.

    I have been using AdRotate Pro since 2015 and have loved the app, but more recently the clicks are not being tracked properly, and I see that this is also largely reflected on my affiliate marketing conversion rate which has gone down by 1/3 compared to previous months.

    Some clicks are shown, for example through my mobile phone, but those from my computers are not. I have 3 computers and none of them shows clicks. Also, have asked different friends to click, some are shown, but the majority of clicks is not accounted for on the clicks counter.

    I read on a previous thread that there could be a cache issue. I have cleared cache on my computer and purged all my site cache also. The problem still persists.

    I use two cache plugins:

    – CloudFlare
    – Proxy Cache

    I have used these without any issues since 2016.

    What else could be the issue?



    Arnan de Gans

    Not counting clicks doesn’t affect your conversion rate – Visitors don’t know if the click is recorded or not so stats working or not will not affect their decision to buy.
    Consider that it’s summer season, many people are on vacation.
    Just having lower numbers than expected doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

    Which tracker do you use for stats?
    Are those people you’re asking to ‘test-click’ on the same IP address?

    If your setup with caching and such didn’t change you may assume that caching is not the issue.
    But a recent change on your site may be.



    The clicks recorded in AdRotate do not match the statistics in two affiliate programs. AdRotate only shows a few clicks, but the affiliate dashboard shows hundreds. (I have not published my affiliate links anywhere except with AdRotate on my site).

    It would seem that I can’t rely on the AdRotate statistics, which is a problem if I want to report clicks for my advertisers (or worse yet, rely on pay-per-click for revenues).

    Is there a known problem with the AdRotate statistics?

    Thanks for any insights that you can share.

    Alfred Poor


    Arnan de Gans

    If you use caching and didn’t set it up correctly that may affect the gathering of stats.
    Otherwise I’m not aware of any issues with the tracker.

    AdRotate has support for W3 Total Cache and Borlabs Cache.
    Check out this manual on making the plugins work together;

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