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    Hi all.

    Is there anything I need to do when cloudflare is used along with the free plugin? The plugin is showing 6000 views a dad on ads which is no where near right. I know that the plugin tries to block bots etc., is it possible that cloudflare is blocking the plugin from realizing bots are reading the site?



    As far as I know, CF doesn’t really interfere with things and only caches static resources.
    What’s wrong with 6000 impressions? Why do you think it’s wrong?



    Thanks for the reply Arnan. Sorry, I should have been clearer, that 6000 number is like at least 10x more then what Google shows for site visits. The two are very different.
    Cloudlfare to my knowledge is a reverse proxy and for things like geoip the server usually requires so the host server knows the real IP. I am just wondering if I am needing something like this? I may install it anyway as it can’t hurt.



    Site visits are not the same thing as advert impressions. Although they should share similar trends.
    I’m not super familiar with Cloudflare but I can’t really say much about their inner workings. But I know of people who use CF and AdRotate without issues.

    You can of-course count your stats in Google Analytics if you prefer, then both counting mechanics are the same and should line up more. This will also avoid any caching issues with stats.

    As for Geo Targeting, CF forwards the original IP (of-course) and AdRotate Pro can detect that if CF follows the rules. Most VPN, Proxies and stuff like that are transparent for AdRotate Pro.

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