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    I run a German blog where I integrated your AdRotate plugin used for placing Google AdSense banners with shortcodes on the site.

    Now I’m looking for a cookie consent banner like such one on for example – they grant access to site only when confirming use of cookies.

    Do you or a reader of this forum have a recommendation for me?

    Also one alternative cookie consent solution allows me to read the status of visitor’s consent by using a WP function like cookie_consent_status(). It delivers back a boolean value.

    Is there a way to combine this in any way with your AdRotate plugin? So let’s say that if cookie_consent_status = false then no banner is displayed at all? Can I integrate this in any case into the shortcodes?

    Thanks for any help and insight



    Arnan de Gans

    AdRotate (Pro) does not generate/create cookies. So no consent has to be given. Remember, the consent nonsense is only for personalized content. Generic adverts are not personalized.

    If the adverts (For example from Google Adsense) use cookies you should get a plugin like Quantcast or Cookie Consent or something similar to get the consent for those personalized ads.
    With the new rules it’s important that that plugin can store the consent somewhere where the adserver (Google for example) can reach it to determine which advert to show – Personalized or generic.

    That’s not up to AdRotate though…


    Arnan de Gans

    This also results in that if the user does not give consent, Google can see that choice and serve a generic advert instead. So you don’t loose that revenue.

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