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    John Brice

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin. What plugin setting, cache setting or code can help us address this issue highlighted by our host, causing too heavy of a processing load? They noted: ‘I reviewed the case and the main reason for the high CPU usage is the “AdRotate Professional” plugin. It generates large number of POST requests towards the admin-ajax.php script – they are triggered even when you are not doing anything and only leave the page open.'”

    Thanks for your answer o pointing us in the ight direction with any articles already on this.


    Arnan de Gans

    That sounds like something WP Engine would say – Vague and inconclusive.

    Anyway – If your hosting can’t keep up with stats collection, it’s usually due to dynamic groups (which is where admin-ajax is used in AdRotate).
    Try to use less Dynamic groups.

    Or, if that doesn’t help – Consider getting better hosting or moving stats elsewhere.
    If you’re considering changing webhosts I make some recommendations here – https://ajdg.solutions/recommended-products/.

    You can also track your stats in Matomo or Google Analytics:
    Personally I prefer Matomo over Google, it’s more private and it has a much easier dashboard.

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