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    It appears that the problem in this post is still happening. Here is a screenshot of what is going on with me, using the free version (3.16.2).

    My settings were set to receive these notifications. Then I changed to to only be alerted about new ads that would be expiring soon. Now I’ve disabled dashboard notifications altogether and still see this warning.

    EDIT: I see now that you mentioned a fix in a new update. I don’t know if this has really been fixed now. Sorry if this is a redundant bug report.



    If you’re up to date it should be fixed.



    It looks like something is still going wrong with the latest version. I tried setting the notifications to “on” and then “off” again to see if that would reset a variable or anything. I’m still seeing the notification in the header. I’ve unchecked all of the checkboxes that control these notifications and still see the notification for an expired advert.

    Here are more details in case it helps. I’m not seeing any error_logs on my server. Let me know if I can provide any other info.

    AdRotate: 3.16.2
    WordPress: 4.6.1
    PHP: 7.0



    Looks like there is some double code, the new bit following your setting and old code that doesn’t… I’ll fix it for the next version.

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