dashboard.css influences general jquery-ui styling

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    Lennart Bader

    Hi Arnan,

    I noticed that your dashboard.css file changes/overrule styling of generic jQueryUI datepicker elements used by other (custom) plugins. For instance, you’ve defined a fixed width/height for cell elements, which make other datepicker instances look messy.

    Could you please use a specific Adrotate wrapper and include that as a preface/prefix in your CSS affecting standard UI elements? It’s not up to you to decide how the datepickers should look in other plugins. 😉




    Arnan de Gans

    There is no standard theme/look for the datepicker in WordPress.
    I’m merely applying some shape and color to it.

    Which plugin is being overwritten/changed?


    Lennart Bader

    Any plugin (like mine) that uses the standard jQueryUI datepicker. Because your CSS is loaded on all admin pages, it affects other plugins using it. It would be similar to setting the color of the admin bar in your plugin. 😉

    A common solution is to use a css wrapper around your code, and use that in your CSS. Hence my request/suggestion. 🙂


    Arnan de Gans

    What’s your plugin? So I can test if my solution works…
    I googled you and looked in the WordPress site but can’t find any plugin with your name on it.

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