Destination Folder Not Working for Subsites on Multisite

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    We’re having trouble getting the AdRotate plugin to work correctly on multisite subsites that are in a separate directory on one of the site’s domains.

    For example
    AdRotate works on a wordpress install
    AdRotate doesn’t work on a wordpress install

    Seems like the issue could be caused by a problem with the AdRotate Banner folder destination. Default settings say destination folder is at /wp-content/wp-content/banners/ instead of /wp-content/banners/

    Do you know if there’s anything that can be done to get the plugin working correctly on a wordpress install in a subdirectory?

    Thank you



    If the folder is double you likely have a pathing issue in your multisite settings.
    A constant or variable that includes wp-content/ where it shouldn’t.

    The folder in AdRotate defaults to “banners”. If it is anything else WordPress populates the field wrong and that is done following user settings.

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