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Trouble updating AdRotate Professional to the latest version?

If your license is not expired and you are having trouble with updates for AdRotate Professional I want to hear from you!
Known issues; The update will not install or no update is visible in your dashboard.
Affected versions; Most versions of AdRotate Professional since December 2019.

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    I’ve placed around 12 banner in one block group. I am using this group on three different places at one page. Unfortunately some ads ran multiple times and others don’t show up. I’ve already tried to use three different groups but this did not help.

    Does anybody have a better solution than putting four ads in the first group, four in the second and four in the third? I would love to have a random mode to show them without multiple views of the same banner.

    Is there the possibility to display the three groups at random?

    At this moment i am using the free version of adrotate 5.8.4.


    Arnan de Gans

    As you’ve figured out in the other topic, you can use the duplicate advet option for that.
    Alternatively you can indeed spread or divide the adverts over different groups. This can also be a way to introduce price tiers to your customers.

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