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    Hello, is there a solution to assign a specific display percentage to each advertisement in a group? (banner 1 = 20% banner 2 = 50% and banner 3 = 30% for example)
    A solution in a future update has been mentioned here


    Arnan de Gans

    Since you can’t predict the exact amount of visitors/ad impressions, no, that’s not possible.
    But with AdRotate Pro you can use the weight feature and show adverts more or less often compared to others based on previous results.




    Thank you for your answer, I had already read this post.
    I wanted to know if the weighting had changed to a percentage since the quoted post. Apparently not. Have a good evening.


    Arnan de Gans

    Weight is and always has been something of a % chance. Each level is a ~20% increment.
    But since it makes no sense to actucally say “show 20% of this advert” it’s worded differently.

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