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    I’m testing the AdRotate Pro update from 5.8.11 to 5.8.17 on WordPress 5.8.3 and notice that now when I export statistics and then click download, nothing happens. The exported csv report is in the server’s wp-content/reports directory, but is no longer downloading locally to the download folder on my machine. (Emailing the report at the export screen still works.)

    Additionally, when I navigate to the Manage Files screen and down to Generated Reports, nothing happens when I click “download”.

    Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing to set the download destination?


    Arnan de Gans

    Last i checked the downloads work.
    Do you see any errors or indication the the file may be missing or inaccessible?

    On firefox when i test it it’ll ask to download the file, fine.
    But on Safari it’ll open the file as a webpage… less fine. So then its better to rightclick on the download link and select ‘download file’ from the popup menu.

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