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    I have a problem if I use banner groups on the homepage.
    I have two different banner groups, “home 1” and “home 2”.
    I see the same banner twice. Or on “home 1” or “home 2”.
    To edit the homepage I use “WpBakery page builder”.
    Obviously I have one banner (no code duplicate) for each banner group.
    If I remove the AdRotate code and manually enter the AdSense code I have no problem duplication.
    Thanks for support


    Arnan de Gans

    Make sure in AdRotate that you indeed use the unique codes for each advert and that you put 1 advert in each group (not the same in both by accident).

    There is no direct reason why the advert would show twice if things are set up correctly. But it could be that Adsense simply offers the same advert to both codes for some reason. I or AdRotate can not control or fix that of-course.



    I’m sure I haven’t entered the code two times.
    I checked the code and there are two times the “div” of adrotate on the same column.
    I think this is an incompatibility with Wpbakery…

    Can you test it?


    Arnan de Gans

    What do the div‘s look like? Can you copy both here?



    I entered the AdGroup code again and now it works. If there are problems, I’ll write to you here.

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