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    Hi Arnan,

    I have a duplicates banner problem in my page.

    I have five different Groups, of size 300×100 from “Home Sidebar 1 300×100” to “Footer 300×100” and many others in different formats.

    I have seven active 300×100 Adverts published in all five 300×100 Groups. With “Duplicate adverts” setting checked. I would like those seven to rotate in all five different positions, without duplicates.

    Here is an example Advert configuration:

    My Banner_R - Stats	
    Devices: [Desktop] [Mobile] [Tablet] , Weight: 6, Auto Delete:
    Groups: Footer 300x100, Home Sidebar 1 300x100, Home Sidebar 2 300x100, Home Sidebar 3 300x100, Home Sidebar 6 300x100

    All Groups are configured with “Default – Show one at a time” mode.

    I expect to prevent adverts in groups from showing multiple times on the same page load. But I see the same Advert many times in my sidebar. Sometimes even one near the other or three times in page.

    I’m using AdRotate Professional 5.6.1, W3TC and I’m navigating website as logged-in user.

    Thanks for support


    Arnan de Gans

    Start with updating to a newer version. The latest version is 5.6.2.
    It’s likely that your problem goes away with the newer version.

    Upgrade instruction: https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/upgrade-adrotate-pro-to-a-newer-version/

    Or, if you prefer, have me do the update, I can do so for a small fee – https://ajdg.solutions/product/adrotate-update/.
    Usually this can be done within a day or two. Please check the product page for details.



    Upgrade done. But the problem is still there.



    Please let me know if you need more info in troubleshooting this issue.


    Arnan de Gans

    Are the adverts you see double in groups? If not, place them in groups.
    Are the adverts actually the same? Do they have the same ID in AdRotate?

    So far, as far as I can tell and based on user feedback, the duplicate filter works great.

    Make sure your server allows sessions to be created in $_SESSION. If you’re not sure what that is or how to see that. your hosting company can tell you more about that.



    I double checked page config, all adverts are in groups. We only use groups to display them, no single advert on page.

    Every advert we use have a different image, so I can distinguish them. I have no evidence of advert ID in source code. data-track="NjYsMjEsMSw2MA==" is the same for duplicated ads, does it mean something for you?

    $_SESSION is working as far as I know. Navigating two pages and dumping the var I got:

     ["adrotate-post-50038"]=> array(2) { ["timeout"]=> float(1574848353) ["adverts"]=> array(1) { [0]=> int(90) } } 
     ["adrotate-post-77039"]=> array(2) { ["timeout"]=> float(1574848360) ["adverts"]=> array(1) { [0]=> int(66) } }

    Is there any debug level we can activate in AdRotate useful to troubleshooting this issue?



    It seems that everything is set-up as it should be but the issue is still there. Next step?



    Is there any news about this issue?



    Is this thread abandoned?

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