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    On this site: https://arkvalleyvoice.com/ I have two ads in the right hand sidebar in a single dynamic group. These two ads should rotate every six seconds. But, this is not working.

    The same ad, titled “Your ad could go here” shows all the time. No rotation to the second ad. I can see the TOP of the second ad just below the “Your ad could go here” ad. It is a 5 pixel tall blue bar, this is the top of the second ad. It seems like they are stacked, not rotating.

    Any ideas how to fix this? It has worked reliably in the past.

    Thank you,


    Arnan de Gans

    I see an “your ad goes here” and “we’re hiring” advert alternating under a block of adverts.
    Looks like it works on my end.

    Disable any adblocker for your site and see if that improves things – https://ajdg.solutions/support/adrotate-manuals/configure-adblockers-for-your-own-website/.

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